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Omega RBA is made by Loki Labs and designed by Vapor Bombz. 
Warning: Rebuildable atomizers are for experienced users only. Some knowledge is needed and faulty builds can cause serious damage to mods. We are not responsible for any damages. No returns. No exchanges. No warranty. 

Please note very carefully that rebuildable atomizer coils and wicks have known risks.

Rebuildables are for experts, not average or beginner vapers with no multimeter or knowledge of how to use a meter, or when a meter must be used, or how electronic devices work. These materials cannot safely be used by the inexperienced or those without basic knowledge of electronics.

 This is because:

1. A rebuildable coil/wick MUST be tested carefully with a meter before it is used.
2. If it is not tested it may damage the device it is used on.
3. Faulty wicks/coils WILL blow electronic devices.
4. New coil/wick units must be tested and then used first on a strong basic electrical APV such as a Silver Bullet, that will not be destroyed by a short circuit.
5. No new coil/wick assembly should be used on an electronic device until known to be safe.
6. These items destroy electronic devices if faulty. This is a known issue.
7. These items have inherent risks and may go faulty at any time even if they were originally in good working order. The owner bears the cost of equipment damaged as a result.
8. RAs or RTAs must only be used on equipment that cannot be seriously damaged or harm the user. In practice this could mean an electrical device with a hot spring (fuse) or an electronic device that will not activate if there is a short-circuit (a dead short). Unfused devices or unprotected electronic devices will suffer damage when used with a faulty RA or RTA.

copied from ECF forums.

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